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Letters to the Editor October 7

Enough is enough

Here we go again — getting on the band wagon about making Denton a smoke-free workplace. 

Why can’t the City Council get on with making Denton an illegal immigrant-free workplace? (I said illegal.) Because it might step on toes, not be politically correct or might make national headlines? 

Yes, I smoke, 50 years now, have Type 1 diabetes (insulin dependent for 48 years) and retired after 30 years with the same company with enough sick leave accumulated to purchase a new truck for retirement.

Call me lucky or whatever you want, but I’m sick and tired of cities trying to tell people how to live their personal lives.

A restaurant has a sign on its front door that reads, “For the comfort of our customers, this is a smoke-free environment, thank you for not smoking.”

That is a falsehood if you smoke.

I wonder if a business person wanted to open a restaurant for smokers only, would the cities issue the person a permit or would it be unconstitutional? Please take all people’s rights into consideration when making policies.

I think enough is enough.

Johnny Harris, Lake Dallas