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Letters to the editor, October 12

Offending actions

On the other side of the world people are rioting and destroying anything associated with America. They are upset with the infidels in America. Why would America tolerate the trashing of their beliefs?

Why would America promote things so against the tenets of their religion?

Embassies burned and people died. Demands were made for America to apologize. The world waited. Would America bow and issue an apology? After all, it had rebuked a film earlier. Now, it was time to atone for another even greater sin.

President Obama’s figure is burned in effigy. How could he evolve to believe that same-sex marriage was OK?

The Holy Book states that it is not.

Will the State Department apologize for Obama’s actions’ Will Secretary of State Clinton issue a statement condemning Obama’s actions?

Tobie Higgs,




One good reason

Regarding the letter from John Harazda [DRC, Oct. 5] asking why he should vote for the Democratic candidates.

Harazda stated that the Democrats were disciples of Lenin, Trotsky, etc. First, let me assure you that is a statement totally without foundation.

I have been a lifelong Democrat (80-plus years) and no one — friends, family or any other acquaintance in my party — has ever even suggested these names in connection with our political discussions.

Secondly, I might suggest one good reason for voting Democratic. If the Republican party gains the presidency, it will be in large part an election bought by Big Money — the billionaire Koch brothers, Sheldon Adelson, Karl Rove and gang.

And you can bet that they will be calling the shots, which will substantially reduce the Democratic way of life we enjoy now in this country.

Barbara MacMillan,




Dereliction of duty

On Sept. 11, our U.S. embassies were attacked all over the Middle East and North Africa, which killed four Americans, a clear act of war.

There were few American guards and they were not given ammunition. Obama was warned four days in advance of the assaults but ignored the warnings and instead went on talk shows.

A former Gitmo detainee, an al-Qaida member, is the suspected leader of the 120-man terrorist onslaught in Libya.

The White House blamed a YouTube video that has been out since July 2. Then the typical apologies from the Obama State Department, which makes a relatively unknown 14-minute flick international and fuels the problem.

As we thought then and know now, that was a diversion, for their failure to secure our embassy. Now, the White house is blocking an investigation into the blitzkrieg. Quite a dereliction ofduty.

After all of this, President Obama gave the Muslim Brotherhood (associates of al- Qaida) billions of U.S. taxpayer dollars.

That whole region is more unstable than ever and we are just witnessing the beginning.

As a veteran, I know that is a treacherous part of the world, but we have a president who is determines to sell out America every chance he gets. The sooner that Obama is removed from office the better.

What is pitiful is the mindless bobbleheads who evade reality, lie and continue to hold Obama’s dirty water.

Eric Mach,




Worthless argument

The Texas Republican Party 2012 platform seeks to eliminate the minimum wage. Once again, Republican greed, idiocy and lack of foresight come to the forefront.

The party argues that the minimum wage impedes business and progress. That argument is as worthless as the argument that giving tax cuts to the super-rich will create bountiful jobs.

Of course it will impede business if what you want is $3-an-hour jobs. What is the matter with you Republicans?

A family cannot decently survive in America working two minimum wage jobs. Who is going to buy even your used cars, clothes, movie tickets, shop at malls, buy a TV and eat at your restaurant?

There is an old wise saying that, “When everybody does better, everybody does better.”

What do you want in decades to come in America? Do you want a South American city like Rio de Janeiro with the rich living in high rises, and the rest of the country living in “favelas?”

We try to make things decent for people in this country. If you don’t like that, I suggest another old saying you like to use, “Love it or leave it.”

Jim Stodola,