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Letters to the editor, Oct. 14

Divisive ideal

It’s sad what leftists have done to the Dem­ocratic Party.

The American ideal is unity, inclusiveness: “out of many, one;” “the melting pot;” “all for one, one for all.” Sure, it’s only an ideal, but it’s definitely worth working to­ward. Working toward that ideal ended slavery and segregation, brought women the vote, defeated Hitler.

Apparently, the leftist ideal is division: per­­sonal attacks, group demonization, creating victims, telling some Americans es­sentially that “Millions of other Amer­icans hate you and will eat you up unless you empower us to crush them with un­limited government.”

Unable to run on their failed policies, all leftists have is fear and hate.

To gain and keep power, their primary concern, they convince some Amer­icans to fear and hate others, thus dividing to conquer. How sad. Only harm to Amer­ica can come of their dividing us into warring factions.

Even sadder, some leftists believe their own divisive propaganda.

For example, Howard Dean said he hates Republicans. Maxine Waters said Re­publicans are “demons.”

If Dean and Waters, prominent leftists, are willing to say such things publicly, what may their secret thoughts be?

Demons aren’t human. They’re devils.

What do you do with those you see as hateful, innately evil devils?

You exterminate them.

Such paranoid hate is reminiscent of Dora Khazan, an associate of Stalin, who claimed she could recognize enemies of the state just by looking into their eyes. That thinking led to firing squads, gulags and massive intentional starvation in the Soviet Union, to German gas ovens.

Lee Nahrgang,


Don’t believe the lies

This is in response to recent letters. The 2012 election will determine whether we remain a constitutional republic or fully trans­form to a “socialist state” with a government-driven society and economy by a centralized bureaucracy.

  • 42 percent of population pay no taxes.
  • 47 percent of population on food stamps.
  • Only 63 percent of eligible workers actually working.
  • Labor force participation rate has fallen to lowest level since September 1981.
  • Government dependency up 23 percent.
  • Gasoline up 83 percent a gallon from $1.85 to $3.59
  • 43 months straight of unemployment above 8 percent.
  • 175 coal mines closed and another 400 targeted, hundreds of jobs lost.
  • $530 million stripped from Medicare to pay for Obamacare. Cuts begin Jan. 1, 2013.
  • Health premiums up $3,000 — Obama vowed $2,500 cut.
  • 75 percent financial burden falls on those making less than $120,000.
  • U.S. debt now $136,260 per household, up 50 percent under Obama.
  • Government employees make up to 40 percent more than private-sector counterparts.
  • Hundreds killed on U.S. soil by extre­mists, yet no mention of the 50-plus million souls lost to abortion since 1973 — about 3,400 a day.
  • Photo ID is required to write or cash a check, drive, buy Sudafed, enter some movies or purchase alcoholic beverages, but not to vote.

Don’t believe the lies.

It has been said that people of faith are the stewards of our nation; they need to get out of their silos and work together for the common good.

Or lose our country forever.

Ava Strittmatter,


Critical election

Many prominent editorial spokesmen have expressed the opinion that this presidential election is the most critical since George Washington: national debt of $16 trillion, taxes, foreign policy, Israel, Af­ghanistan, Iran and religion.

For those of you who will vote for Obama because you think we are “heading in the right direction,” I strongly take issue with that statement.

Someone once said ... “the bigger the state, the smaller people.”

Truth is not an agenda. It’s just the truth. May God bless America, again.

Bob Chauncey,