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Letters to the editor, October 15

How it works

D. J. Anderson’s recent letter [“Idiotic economic policy,” DRC, Sept. 27] displays either a profound misunderstanding of how the economy really works or something worse.

What the president understands, and really anyone with a basic understanding of Keynesian economics does, is that the stronger the middle class is, the more demand there is for products and services.

Strong demand requires businesses to hire more workers to keep up.

Proponents of “trickle down” or “supply side” economics suggest that jobs magically appear from money flowing upwards toward the wealthiest, who will “create” jobs with their investments and largess. This is perhaps one of the most significant myths in circulation today.

A business owner doesn’t go out and hire new workers just because of a tax cut. He or she hires new workers to keep up with the demand for a product or service.

I can guarantee that if Widget Inc. loses sales of widgets because so many lower- and middle-class jobs have disappeared that demand is down, as in the past 12 years, it will have layoffs. That will create more unemployment and less money in circulation. The only way Widget Inc. will hire more workers again is if the demand for widgets goes back up and more production is necessary.

Economic history has actually shown a pronounced shift in wealth from the bottom 97 percent to the top 1 percent over the last three decades. There is the real redistribution and the real class warfare.

D. R. Anderson,




Fox did

To say those who watch Fox News are less informed than those who watch Lamestream media is silly at best and a lie at worst. For example, did Lamestream report on the second downgrade of U.S. debt? Fox did.

Did Lamestream report the attack on our Libyan embassy was a coordinated attack within two days? Fox did and now 10 days later even the State Department says it was after denying it.

Lamestream said it was the result of a trailer of a yet-to-be-seen video. Fox first reported the attack hours before anyone even knew about the YouTube video.

Lamestream claims jobs have been created in the last 40 months while unemployment remains above 8 percent. Fox has the weekly jobs report good or bad.

Fox News viewers know the Democrat-controlled Senate has not passed a budget in three years. We also know Obama has not even presented one since being elected. Lamestream says it’s the Republicans who have done nothing.

Lamestream continues to say Romney-Ryan will steal money from Medicare while ignoring the fact Obamacare already has.

The truth is Fox News has as many liberal commentators as conservative. Lamestream has zero conservative commentators while touting their liberal reporters.

“We report, you decide” is more than a slogan. Fox has as many liberal viewers as conservative.

Lamestream has very few conservative viewers for a reason. One can only watch so much propaganda without getting sick of the obvious bias.

Steve Sullivan,




New president needed

We have many who worship the fact we have a black president regardless of his objectives toward our nation and freedom.

It is not important if a president is white, brown, black or yellow if he has the correct desire to work for our people, our freedom and support our Constitution.

The political party is not important if the objectives of life and freedom is its objective. We need America .... not a lower level of life as we see in many of the foreign countries that we support.

Our current president is dedicated to lowering our government and freedom to the level of his loved Muslim countries, and he is producing more than 900 executive orders to drive our government down to the level of his foreign friends.

He has worked to produce a welfare program that is the largest we have had in history with plans to increase taxes for all to reduce the future of America.

It is time for all Americans, regardless of race or political party, to bring in a new president that will save our nation.

Ray Roberts,