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Letters to the editor, October 16

Guess again

The DCTA is a joke. It has a promotion to ride the train to the state fair. Sounds great, right? No traffic, no parking to deal with, relaxing train ride down and back ... guess again.

If you are going to the fair, you better triple-check the schedule. Thankfully, I decided to hold for five minutes just to verify their confusing pdf promotional documents.

I thought, surely this is not true — you have to leave Fair Park by 7:11 p.m. at the latest and hope you get to the last A-train leaving Trinity Mills at 8:06.

Nah, that can’t be right.

Well, it is. When will the directors of DCTA wake up? We voted the A-train in with smoke blown up our tail pipes promising service to special events and doing nothing but under-delivering. This is not service to special events.

If the DCTA needs ridership, it should adjust the schedule to accommodate this. One would think the state fair would push for this ... but alas, all of our cries are still landing on deaf ears. You think you could have planned for the OU/Texas game?

That schedule simply states the DART and Green Line schedule will vary during the game, nothing specific, just vary during the game. We voted for it and are paying for it, and they simply will not listen.

Extremely disappointed.

Adam Reese,




America’s Trojan horse

Bubba called. Said Craig Hunter [DRC, Sept. 21] is easily fooled if he thinks he’s getting real news on the lame-stream media channels. Sixty percent of Americans distrust the media for accuracy, according to a Gallup poll.

The lame-stream media bought into this farce back in 2008 and are deeply imbedded in Obama’s re-election efforts. Does that sound like you are going to get the real news?

Bubba said, no, Ms. Heggins [DRC, Sept. 11], it’s not Obama’s skin color; what we dislike is his incompetence and “dreams from his father” tearing down the very structure of America.

Obama is America’s Trojan horse — liberals “dragged” this Trojan horse into the presidency with no idea who Obama really is, then or now. Obama’s mentors have been communist and terrorist [Thomas Sowell, DRC]. Now he surrounds himself with Chicago political-machine groupies.

Black economist Walter E. Williams has argued that Obama is held to a lower standard than a white politician.

Does that sound racist?

Bubba said Old DeWitt hightailed it to Wyoming on Monday for trout fishing and hunting for the Lost Cabin mine, north of Kaycee. Bubba just hopes that old geezer and his geezer buddy don’t get lost or stranded by an early snowstorm.

Bubba said dang if he would live in a state that has highway gates that get closed during winter storms. (Not exactly what Bubba said but close. Kinda.)

The two dogs of undetermined pedigree and hefty pup are mad at The Kid. More on that later.

Alice Gore,




Sharp choice

The current presidential election offers a very sharp choice between differing philosophies about the proper direction for the future of our country.

Although I did not vote for candidate Obama, I was proud of our country in 2008 for voting the first man of partial African ancestry into our presidency.

This demonstrated a great shift in thinking from previous generations where the choice of such a nominee was unlikely to be accepted by the majority of American voters.

Sadly, the first term of the Obama administration has led our country down the path of national financial ruin, diminishing international prestige, further destruction of the family unit and more dependence by our citizens on the socialist welfare state.

It appears that President Obama may be elected for four more years in office. With no need to worry about further election campaigns, he will be free to pursue with great vigor his radical social agenda.

In a democracy, we all rise together, and we all fall together.

God bless America.

Martin Kemplin,