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Letters to the editor, October 17

Not Obama

Obama is not a foreign-born socialist giving away free health care. That would be Jesus.

Jim Clark,




Review needed

I read the article, “A lens on America” [DRC, Oct. 6]. It was very interesting and a great educational experience for the German exchange students, as well as the host families and others involved in the experience.

In the article, a statement was made by some of the students from Berlin that the classes at Guyer were different from what they’re accustomed to in Berlin: “You’re allowed to listen to music or be on your phone, and in Germany, it’s not like that.”

A student said, “To speak out in class back home, one must be acknowledged by the teacher and given permission.”

I had been under the impression that the students in Denton County (and Texas) schools were not allowed to have their phones turned on while at school, much less in class.

Was this an accurate statement by the student from Germany?

If it was, maybe this is one of the reasons that too many of our students are not learning at the level of students in other countries.

Maybe some of our systems need to be reviewed to help students improve our competitive edge.

Judy Watkins,