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Letters to the editor, October 21

Bald-faced appeal

Gov. Romney recently called for 15 new naval vessels, among them three submarines (at approximately $2 billion each). This was a bald-faced appeal to the voters of Maine and Connecticut, homes to large ship-building companies.

Currently, there are nuclear submarines lying in the Thames River for want of accomplished crews. The Navy determined that there be three crews to each submarine — one crew at sea, one in training and one on leave.

Congress allocated to the Navy $6 billion more than the Defense Department requested this year. We may need ships, which I doubt, but we sure don’t need more submarines.

John J. Miniter, Denton


You decide

I still believe your vote in an election should be, irrespective of political affiliation, for one who can best represent your interests. After all, we live in a representative democracy where people vote for representatives who then vote on policy initiatives for them, as opposed to direct democracy, where people vote on all policy initiatives directly themselves.

All politicians are guilty of being disingenuous on some issues. Romney, however, has taken this to another level.

The flip-flops that you can see enumerated on “all” news media are minor to extreme. Frequently, it has been documented that he changes the same day, like when he said some parts of Obamacare would be retained, but in a different interview, hours later, he advocated complete repeal.

His flip-flops are too numerous to list here. If you intend to vote for Romney, hopefully, it’s because he represents your interests. But realistically, how can you really tell if that is the case?

Do you think all of the reported flip-flops are untrue, and not because he wants to tell those he is speaking to what they need to hear in order to vote for him?

You decide.

Ronald L. Johnson, Denton