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Letters to the editor, October 22

Not a word

As the presidential election gets closer, it’s been amusing and entertaining to read the letters and posts between liberals and conservatives. The exchanges have become more heated and each side feels it’s got the answers.

The fact of the matter is we have no control over what goes on in Washington. We don’t even have control over what happens in Denton.

Two years ago, the City Council passed ordinance 2010-292, a utility ordinance that levied onerous and predatory fees and charges to those who were already experiencing problems paying utility bills and gave broad police powers to utility workers.

This ordinance was so awful a petition was circulated and almost 900 people signed it. No one at City Hall gave the petitioners the time of day.

So, while we were trying to protect our Fourth Amendment rights (unreasonable search and seizure), City Hall took it upon itself to violate citizens’ First Amendment rights (right to petition government).

Every holiday season, the City Council takes the opportunity to pass the least savory ordinances while we are distracted with preparations. Let’s keep an eye on them this season.

The budget for fiscal year 2012-13 is $750 million and our debt obligation is approaching $1 billion. And not a word from you fiscal conservatives.

Daniel Garza,