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Letters to the editor, October 23

Strong alternative

E.J. Dionne’s column “Mitt remakes self again” [DRC, Oct. 8] contains Dionne’s usual collection of distortions, half truths and outright lies.

Referring to the Oct. 3 presidential debate, Dionne claims Gov. Romney decided to change his tax policies on the fly after campaigning hard for a $5 trillion tax cut. Gov. Romney did nothing of the sort and Dionne knows this.

Romney’s tax plan is a collection of tax cuts and high-income deduction elimination, coupled with revenue growth emanating from increased economic activity, resulting in a revenue-neutral tax plan.

It is not a $5 trillion tax reduction, there is no middle income tax increase and this is a lie propagated by Obama and liberal commentators like Dionne. Their flawed analysis assumed Romney’s tax plan can’t actually produce economic growth and that tax reform must somehow pay for repealing Obamacare’s tax hikes.

If these assumptions are taken away, Romney’s plan becomes much more likely to achieve its revenue-neutral goals.

Dionne further criticizes Romney for admitting that some level of regulation is necessary. Romney accepts the need for intelligent and prudent government regulation, but draws the line at excessive regulation designed to strangle free-enterprise growth, especially new environmental regulations designed solely to curry favor with the environmental lobby.

Mitt Romney proved himself to be a strong, informed and principled leader who will make an outstanding president.

It is a sad testament that so many voters would consider keeping a failed president like Obama when they have such a strong alternative with Romney.

Rudy Cajka,