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Letters to the editor, October 24

Common courtesy

For every story, editorial and letter to the editor printed in the Denton Record-Chronicle, there’s a handy real-time response link at the bottom of each entry online.

What a great way to let others know how we feel about their comments and perhaps even present additional or countervailing information that can widen everyone’s view on a subject they are interested in.

I find this tool especially useful for those of us who share our views on the “Letters” page. It affords anyone an opportunity to respond in rapid fashion without being restricted to 250 words required for our letters.

Sadly, however, I have noticed that many who submit fact-challenging letters, especially from those of the new conservative ideology, are reluctant or simply unwilling to defend their views when some of us post a reasonable argument in this real-time link.

I would think that if they believe deeply in what they are saying and feel they can support it with authoritative sources, that they would be willing to do so in order to show any skeptics that there is genuine merit to their claims.

I’d encourage everyone to go online and either give your input in a civil, respectful manner to the views being represented or at least read those by people who feel they have something of value to offer.

Common courtesy should be the norm in all responses. It just might help produce a better understanding between parties so bent on divisiveness in this country.

Larry Beck,