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Letters to the editor, October 25

Shameful ‘debacle’

Debate is defined as a method of interactive, intelligent and factual argument regarding a specific topic between two sides of opposing views.

Disrespect, mudslinging, finger-pointing and departure or lack of facts regarding an issue is a “debacle.”

What we’ve seen so far in presidential and especially vice presidential encounters on TV is a “shame.”

Walter Ahel,




Credibility lost

One of the earliest lessons learned in life is that your credibility means everything. If you are caught lying to the people in your personal or professional life, you might as well fold your tent. You are done. There is no way you can recover.

Unfortunately, President Obama’s misrepresentation of the Benghazi consulate terrorist attack and murders is the last straw. For weeks he clung to the Mohammed video/mob action as the reason for the attack on the consulate in the face of immediate evidence to the contrary. How can we ever believe a leader who would so blatantly misrepresent the facts to the American people for no apparent reason other than his own personal political ambition?

Hillary Clinton may take responsibility for the lack of security at the consulate, but President Obama is responsible for the obvious cover-up.

D.J. Anderson,




Dr. O’s Mystery Oil

Hurr-ry! Hurr-ry! Step right up folks! Don’t miss this chance to get your hands on the most amazing, stupendous, fantastic product available. I’m talking about Dr. O’s Marvelous Magical Mystery Oil.

You sir, on the front row, you look like a regular citizen, come up and try a sample. What’s that you say? You say the bottle is empty? Not so my good man, not so, have a swig while I explain. You see friend, using a secret process perfected by Dr. O himself, Dr. O’s Mystery Oil is distilled from the finest of ideologies, using only the most sincere, noble and lofty intentions available, then filtered through barrels of activated policy charcoal, resulting in a compound so pure and refined that the ability to detect its existence and efficacy lies beyond the comprehension of the average voter. What appears to you and me a vessel devoid of content, is indeed filled with the essential ingredients for a prosperous economy and a peaceful planet.

Act now neighbors, and you’ll also receive a four-year supply of Professor Biden’s Bombastic Brain Balm, guaranteed hilarity for the whole family.

Warning: Pregnant women and nursing mothers should not use Dr. O’s Mystery Oil or Professor Biden’s Brain Balm. Mystery Oil and Brain Balm are known carcinogens to the state of California. Prolonged or excessive use may lead to permanent loss of individual freedom and liberty in some cases. It is a felony to use this product in a manner inconsistent with its labeling.

James Caldwell,




Phony patriots

Bill Enyart, a veteran and friend of wounded veteran and hero, Tammy Duckworth, became a candidate for Congress. Guess who attacked him? Some of Eric Cantor's people. Cantor has never served a day in uniform. But then neither has Romney nor any of his five sons. These great, patriotic conservatives let other people go fight in their place.

Romney is eager to start a war with Iran even though President Obama's sanctions are working very well: the Iran currency is in free fall, there are riots in almost every major Iranian city, and a "Persian Spring" can't be far away. Yet Romney, knowing none of his five sons will have to fight, is eager to start a war. Let the sons of middle-class Americans fight in his unnecessary war. Check it out. No doubt he has some of his hundreds of millions invested in defense stocks. What a phony.

Michael S. Dana,




Institutional overlap

What is happening within the Catholic Church? This past weekend, religious personnel were preaching to the congregation, either at the pulpit, or by passing out flyers within their church bulletin, to vote against President Obama, because of the abortion/preventative pill issue.

If a Catholic-owned institution is offering preventative health care coverage, it should not discriminate against non-Catholics in their employment. If a Catholic working in these institutions truly believes it’s wrong to use the preventative pill, then don’t take it, and never have an abortion, for any reason.

Catholics should honestly ask themselves how many times in their marriage did I practice birth control? All we hear is we are killing babies — the Catholic Church should condemn killing (adult) babies of parents with unnecessary wars and capital punishment. I was taught in the church we are all God’s children. Remember one of the commandants says, “Thou shall not kill”; this means children or adult.

Remember, Jesus threw the tax collectors out of his temple. It’s time the federal government stopped giving all religious groups tax benefits.

Ask yourself why this Congress is adding this preventative health care issue to the president’s highway bill, which would help rebuild America; it’s only to defeat this president — this Congress could care less about America.

Phil DeGiulio,




Short time for our freedom

Reviewing all data for the past year, I cannot see how any party — Democratic, Republican, Green, Independent — could vote for anyone other than Mitt Romney/Paul Ryan. To save our nation, we need our freedom, military and a fair tax program to survive. Obama and his minions will destroy our government. Their destruction has started with tax and cost increases with portions of his nonsense health bill that Nancy said had to be voted on so we could have time to read it. Your tax bill, all levels of citizens, will increase immediately under the Obama/Biden plans. Middle class, you will be taxed far more than now. Our doors will be opened more, under Obama, to let the terrorist world in to destroy us and our way of life and freedom. With my job, I travel worldwide, but under Obama that will cease due to the danger we, as Americans, will be under — Libya, Egypt and Nigeria being good examples. Do we want to save America, our freedom, way of life or turn into a third-level country under the care of Obama and his crazy staff? Obama’s four years have lowered the status of America to the point of financial destruction and prestige in the world almost lower than Europe.

Ray Roberts,