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Letters to the editor, October 27

Plea for the polls

Please vote this November.

Whether you are Democrat, independent or Republican, if you think of yourself as incompetent, unable to take care of yourself, a helpless victim of other evil Americans, if you want to depend on government to satisfy your every need and want, at least until the money runs out, if you want all-knowing government central planners and “experts,” well-intentioned but controlling self-appointed masters, to make every decision for you, then vote for leftists.

But how many of us wanted our more-experienced, therefore “expert,” parents to make every decision for us when we were teenagers, or wanted to depend on their satisfying our every need and want?

So, whether you are Democrat, independent or Republican, if you want the satisfaction of working to earn your own success, if you want to provide for yourself, to make your own decisions, to remain free of total government control, vote against leftists.

Locally, if you believe that city officials should decide for us that $400,000 of needed street repair bond funds must be spent for public art, whether we want it or not, vote for the street bonds. If you want to send a message that such decisions must be made by we the people, then vote against the street bonds.

Are we sheep to be herded, or are we free Americans?

Please vote this November to make it clear what a majority of legal American voters want, and whether we are sheep or free Americans.

Lee Nahrgang, Denton


Figure it out

While reading the letter of Lee Nahrgang (DRC, Oct. 14), I encountered irony so thick it could be cut with a knife. Perhaps a former professor of mine was right. The ability to recognize irony is a good test of intelligence.

I have been appalled by the vituperative spewed recently against a sitting POTUS. Heaven forbid that we should even mention any group that dares to disagree with the writer.

This recession was inherited by the president. Figure it out for yourself: Elected in November 2008, inaugurated in January 2009. January 2009 to January 2013 will make 48 months. The unemployment rate was above 8 percent before the president was inaugurated. Arithmetic doesn’t seem to be the demagogue’s strong point. This recession took much longer to cause than 48 months, and most economists predict that it will take far longer to banish. Especially given that there are two immovable blocks of obstructionists in the Congress. I’ll let you guess who they are. Hint, there is one in each house.

A dispassionate look at the record, appointments, advisers, etc. of this president will reveal one far more aligned with Wall Street than with the Hoovervilles.

To H.L. Hall (DRC, Oct. 13): Two presidents were impeached; both were acquitted at trial in the Senate. Another resigned before impeachment by the House of Representatives after it became clear he would likely be convicted. None were removed.

Franklin “Mac” Poe, Denton


Save, recover now

It was reported recently that Mitt Romney will “not” run again for office if he does not win this one.

I hate this, but I understand why. I feel that if Obama should win this next four years, our country will be so far gone that we will not have anyone capable of bringing the U.S.A. back to the free nation we now understand.

We have a choice in November, either save and recover now or forget our way of life after four more years of Obama.

Ray Roberts, Denton


Let’s get critical

When a conservative writes on the Obama administration, their opinion is rarely based on facts. I wonder what reality they are in. Martin Kemplin (DRC, Oct. 16) writes: “ ... the Obama administration has led our country down the path of national financial ruin, diminishing international prestige, further destruction of the family unit and more dependence by our citizens on the socialist welfare state.”

Were you in a coma prior to 2008? Under Bush, the U.S. was in a recession in 2007 and by the end of the administration the economy was on its way to a depression. To stem economic fall, TARP was passed.

Who led us into financial ruin?

During the Bush administration we were in two wars, borrowing money to support wars and tax giveaways. The U.S. entered a war with Iraq with little support. Today, China is reaping the benefits of Iraq oil. I don’t recall that the U.S. had much prestige when jobs were being shipped abroad and we were blamed for global financial collapse. So under whom did we lose our prestige?

Kemplin even blames Obama for destruction of the family unit. Financial problems are the biggest issue leading to families breaking down. Millions became unemployed as a result of Bush’s policies. Obama fought for extending unemployment benefits and many families stayed together with faith and hope things would get better. Unemployment has fallen and Americans are gaining confidence.

It’s time we become critical of what we read and hear — God did give us a brain.

Alfred Sanchez, Denton


Most important

I am an 82-year-old and I believe this upcoming election is the most important ever, and the America I love will be destroyed if Obama wins.

I was impressed by Obama when he campaigned for president in 2008. I listened closely to his speeches because I didn’t want to make a mistake when I cast my vote in November 2008. The first thing that startled me was when Mrs. Obama said she was proud of America for the first time in her life when the Democratic party named her husband to campaign for president. What about the Civil War?

Obama has given approval to same-sex marriages, though God says homosexuality is an act worthy of death (NIV, Romans 1:37).

God says, “Thou shalt not murder,” (NIV, Exodus 20:13). Obama gave approval of abortion before he was elected, yet many so-called Christians voted for him. Obama and his supporters are taking God’s name out of many the things we hold dear. God will not continue to bless America if we keep turning our backs on him and Israel.

I pray every night that God will open the eyes and ears of the people so they can see, and understand what Obama is doing, and vote against him.

World Book Encyclopedia writes that in Hitler’s book, Mein Kampf, he states “that it is possible by means of shrewd and unremitting propaganda to make people believe that heaven is hell — and hell — heaven.”

W.J. Yates, Denton