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Letters to the editor, October 28

Wake up

I am amused by the number of people who bash Mitt Romney and believe the narcissist, socialist, habitual liar and hater of America, as is his wife, the Obamas. These are facts that Obamas have admitted to, especially his spiritual leader for 20 years, Rev. Wright, and Bill Ayres, a socialist and Marxist, his mentor.

Reagan asked, “Are you better off today than you were four years ago?” You all know the answer. No job? The latest number given out for unemployment was 7.4 percent; oops, they left out California.

You must want to pay more taxes. The Obama health care plan has 21 new taxes. He will have to raise everyone’s taxes, as his multi-trillion dollar budget deficits are now well over 16 trillion. His new budget proposal contains another trillion-dollar deficit, and by the way, socialist means redistribution of your money to others. Oh well, you do not need all you work hard for.

Foreign policy — what foreign policy? Oh, he apologizes for America.

Mitt Romney is a businessman; Obama can’t even spell business, let alone practice it. If re-elected, in the next four years America will go bankrupt and will be controlled by China. Wake up and vote Romney for president.

John Admire,


Be thankful

Please be thankful for the messes Obama has made; for all the promises unkept; for the cover-up of the terrorism Ambassador Stevens suffered because of the administration’s horrible neglect of his pleas for help. Be thankful he has not embraced Israel. Be thankful for the lousy economy.

God can make good things happen from bad situations. We now know what another term with him in office would be like, and because of his lack of leadership, we now know not to let him stay at the helm of our government.

Please vote for Romney’s able leadership. For the sake of a better future for our nation, vote Obama out.

Linda Davis,
Hickory Creek


A matter of belief

What kind of Christians are these people?

Tagg Romney said he wanted to punch President Obama, but the Secret Service would have prevented it. How religious. Clearly, these wealthy people are so accustomed to having their way that they can’t abide somebody disagreeing with them.

Tagg has no problem with his father being untruthful about his 20 percent reduction tax plan that would eliminate all the deductions of the middle class: mortgage interest, donations to churches and other charities, child-care expenses, college tuition for their children, etc. Even then the best economists say that the revenue from eliminating all the deductions would only be $2 trillion, not the $5 trillion that his plan would cost. This would totally destroy the middle class, horribly endanger most charities, including all of our churches, and explode the American deficit.

Tobie Higgs (DRC, Oct. 12) is concerned about President Obama’s faith; does he know that Gov. Romney refuses to talk about his church because the Mormon Church does not believe in the virgin birth of Jesus and believes all of the Bible is “corrupt” except the Book of Mormon? (See the writings of Brigham Young, primary contributor to establishing Mormon beliefs).

Michael S. Dana,


Voting for, not against

Years ago, my dad told me that the last time he voted for someone was in 1964; ever since, he’d voted against someone. I followed his lead for a while, but realized it was a fool’s errand. Whether Republicans or Democrats controlled the White House, Congress, the governor’s mansion or the legislature, the size and scope of government increased. One party specializes in civil liberties encroachment, the other on reducing economic freedom. They both subscribe to the philosophy that no matter what the question, government action is the answer.

I no longer vote for what I don’t want to avoid. I vote for what I do want. What I want is a government at all levels that is dramatically less intrusive; truly free markets, not crony capitalism; private charity administered locally, not tax-funded largesse distributed by a far-off bureaucracy; prisons emptied of inmates whose only victim is themselves; travel without the presumption of criminal intent; a government that lives within its (substantially reduced) means. I want to make my own choices and accept my own consequences, good or bad. I want to live free, with all of the possibilities and, yes, risks that that entails.

I will “waste” my vote for Gary Johnson/Jim Gray, John Jay Myers, and other candidates down the Libertarian ticket. Their goal in office will be to leave you and me alone to go about peacefully our own lives. If no one else joins me, at least I have not voted for one evil to avoid another.

Lelon Ginn,


Specious argument

In a recent commentary column by Esther Cepeda (DRC, Oct. 22) she makes a very good case for why voter ID should be required. Her points were better than I could compose, but I would like to add my two cents.

Gov. Nikki Haley of South Carolina was able to pass a voter ID law in her state. She offered free rides to the DMV or help in any way to get a person a voter ID. There were only 23 takers that called the 800 number.

We have Obamacare because of a contested elected in Minnesota. Hugh Coleman won the race by 725 votes, then on first recount it was 206 votes. After the lawyers got involved, Al Franken won by 312 votes and his vote in the Senate made the difference.

In Minnesota there have now been 177 felons convicted of voting illegally of the 1,099 who were charged. Guess which candidate the majority of them voted for? Minnesota is continuing to process these charges, but the bar is set high in that a felon must “knowingly vote unlawfully,” and the harm has already been done.

Of all the arguments on the left to keep this incumbent president in the White House, I find being against a requirement for an ID to be the most specious.

Pat Langa,


The deficit issue

Recent Republican attacks on President Obama’s handling of the deficit are ridiculous for two reasons.

First, they claim that Obama is responsible for the deficits that have occurred on his watch. Just because they happened during his presidency doesn’t mean that he caused them. In fact, serious economic analysis has revealed that the $800 billion of stimulus is the only thing that Obama has contributed to the $5 trillion of deficits during his presidency. Most of the other $4.2 trillion is a result of Bush’s two tax cuts, the two wars that he started, and his Medicare Prescription Drug Program, none of which was paid for.

Second, the only specific Republican budget that Romney supports barely attempts to address the deficit problem. Instead of using the huge spending cuts to reduce the deficit, they are handed to the wealthiest Americans in the form of $4 trillion in tax cuts. Reputable analysis shows that this budget will not balance the annual budget until 2040.

The truth about the deficit needs to be told.

Bob Michaelsen,