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Letters to the editor, October 30

Serious decision

For those residents of Blackjack Road West who may have missed the article in the Record-Chronicle on the proposed closing of Blackjack Oaks Road, a public hearing will be held at 9 a.m. Nov. 6 at the Courthouse on the Square.

It would have been better for those residents who are working had the Denton County Commissioners Court held a night meeting for a decision of this magnitude.

It is a serious decision because of the difficulty that the closing of Blackjack Oaks Road will cause for mail delivery, Black Rock water services, school buses and, most especially, the extra time that will be required for emergency services such as firemen, ambulances, law enforcement, etc. to reach areas on Blackjack Road West.

In the event of a fire on Blackjack Road West, similar to the one in 1996 that destroyed five buildings, including the home of the Rev. Harrol and Diane Bowman, water from the existing fire hydrant on Blackjack Oaks Road would not be available.

Minutes, and sometimes seconds, make a difference in emergency situations.

The question remains, why has a cul-de-sac, in preparation for the closing of the road, already been constructed by the county prior to the announcement of the public hearing and final vote of the Commissioners Court?

Elected county officials are meant to serve all of the residents of the county and beware of setting a precedent that serves only a small group of people while ignoring the safety and welfare of all parties involved.

Jackie Fuller,