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Letters to the editor, October 31

Flawed argument

This is in response to “Enough is enough” [DRC Letters, Oct. 7] and to support the city’s push to stop smoking.

I, for one, wish Texas would go non-smoking ... or that there could be a simple federal mandate to all the states based on already known health facts, but alas!

As for your argument … I believe it to be flawed.

It is your right to smoke, just not in an enclosed environment with those who do not. The problem as I see it, among others, is that it’s not necessary for your health, yet it adversely affects the health of those around you.

And to make my point, let me share two metaphors with you that attempt to clarify my point.

1. I bring a teenager with me to the same restaurant you came to enjoy your dinner, and while you are eating with your wife, I ask this teenager to stand next to your table and yell the whole time you are there.

I know that sounds extreme, but to those who do not smoke or are sensitive to it, it’s not that different. I’m assuming that the example I’ve shared would make you rather uncomfortable.

2. In a public pool, we designate half to be for non-peeing swimmers.

This one I hope is pretty self-explanatory, and I think is a better analogy to the smoking one.

It’s simply not possible, unless you have a separate area/room with its own ventilation system.

Mark Michalica,