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Letters to the editor, November 1

Price of progress

The petition to close Blackjack Oaks Road at its intersection with Blackjack Road West near Aubrey and the public hearing before the Commissioner’s Court on Nov. 6 are causing division among neighbors. Many who oppose the closing have decided to respond.

Residents on Blackjack Road West have seen major changes in our area in the last several years.

As farmland has been sold and divided, we have gone from an area of a few families who had been there for years to a heavily populated neighborhood. None of us at first liked the increased activity on our road, but we adjusted to the area’s changing atmosphere.

Some people who use Blackjack Road do not even live in the area, but most of us realize that we cannot hold back the development of our area nor can we control the traffic on our road. We all pay tax dollars for construction and maintenance of county roads to drive on, even if it’s not the road we live on.

But no group of residents should claim private access to their road to the point of excluding anyone else from driving on it.

Increase in traffic seems to be one of the reasons for the request to close Blackjack Oaks at its intersection with Blackjack Road West.

Traffic and safety are issues that we all face anywhere we live, but these issues can be addressed with speed limit signs and speed bumps rather than road closings.

Sometimes, progress comes with a price.

Mary Lynn Beaty,