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Letters to the editor, November 3

Page enhancement

I appreciate Don Spaulding’s opinion about “opinions” [DRC, Oct. 28], but I feel I need to correct an obvious misconception in his opinion about me.

I never called for changing the opinion page in any way. Merely to enhance what’s already there.

Unlike some, I have never asked the Record-Chronicle to remove certain columnists or block letters from certain contributors.

My letter didn’t encourage people to not share their opinions but did attempt to have them express informed opinions that are based on generally accepted knowledge.

This could be achieved, in my opinion, by utilizing the online comments tool at the bottom of each page.

When fantastical “opinions” are plastered on the “letters” page, they should not go unchallenged, lest we dumb down some of those readers who may mistake opinion for fact.

Perhaps my concerns would have less merit if the writers prefaced their strong feelings with words like “In my opinion ..., “I feel ...” or “I think. ...” 

But once they subject readers to baseless allegations presented as fact, it requires a response from some to give balance to perspectives that form opinions.

Surely, Mr. Spaulding isn’t opposed to such a public dialogue to strengthen bipartisanship and enhance a greater understanding of the world we all share.

Like Voltaire, I’ll always defend people’s rights to say what they feel, but please don’t ask me to ignore a belief that the earth is flat when most of us know it’s clearly not.

Larry Beck, Denton