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Letters to the editor, November 5

Keep road open

The closure of Blackjack Oaks Road at the intersection of West Blackjack Road in Precinct No. 1 is not in the best interest of Denton County as a whole nor does it protect the interest of the public.

Immediate and timely emergency medical services for the residents of West Blackjack Road, Cedar Lake Road, Grubbs Road, Michael Lane and visiting citizens in the area will be impeded by its closure.

The Aubrey Fire Department currently serves the area, providing critical emergency and fire prevention services.

Average dispatch time from the fire department to the intersection of Blackjack Oaks Road and West Blackjack Road is three minutes and five seconds via FM428 and Blackjack Oaks Road.

This time is 55 seconds faster than all other routes. Therefore, it is a critical part of the EMS response routes.

It should be remembered that many of the families impacted donated money to purchase the first ambulance and volunteered time to provide services before there were funds to pay EMS personnel.

It would be an injustice to tell these residents that early response from the fire department via Blackjack Oaks Road is not available.

This precedent-setting issue involves the whole county. A vote for closure of Blackjack Oaks Road in Precinct No. 1 establishes a precedent for residents in other precincts wanting to close their roads.

Therefore, I ask Denton County commissioners to vote to keep this road open to best serve the public’s interest and Denton County as a whole.

Austin Beaty,