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Letters to the editor, November 6

Opinionated views

Well, I’ll be darned. First, I get Larry Beck telling me that I cannot have an opinion for the “Opinion” page of the DRC unless I first check with his approved “fact-checking” authorities; now I get JohnWeber telling me that I must first watch his approved TV news and talk show programs before I can express an opinion.

Weber tells me I must go to his approved programs like ABC, NBC and CBS to get the “facts” before I express an opinion on the Opinion page of the DRC.

Weber further tells me that I must get an “educated opinion” from his approved news sources because his news stations and talk shows will give me the “facts.”

My Lord, who are these people — Beck and Weber — telling me that I can’t develop or come by an opinion other than the one they have? Ludicrous, ludicrous and indeed, ludicrous.

If you have an opinion you want to express on the Opinion page of the DRC, please feel free to do so absent of the opinion of these elitists — those who present themselves as the sole authority of “opinion.”

Don Spaulding,