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Letters to the editor, November 8

Take responsibility

The editorial written by local educators was interesting. However, a few questions remain.

Why do parents feel the need for charter schools and home schooling? If all is well with government schools. there would not be a need for the alternatives.

Why do some districts allow nonresidents to enroll? More students but without the accompanying tax base isn’t logical.

Why would parents double the cost of their children’s education (home school costs plus school taxes) if the government schools were doing their jobs?

“More money is all we need” is the battle cry.

Consider these facts — in 2005 the average spending per student in Texas was $7,142. In 2009 (last year available) we spent $11,642 — a 63 percent increase.

The average teacher salary in 2005 was $41,009. In 2009 salaries had increased 21.7 percent to $49,900.

More money was given and what was the outcome? In 2000 the combined SAT score in Texas was 993 and in 2009 it decreased to 985. Spending went up, yet scores went down.

The idea of an iPad in every backpack is great, but will it increase student learning?Learning has become secondary to providing meals, health care and social services.

School administrators whine for more money “for the sake of the children” while reserves increase and test scores go down.

I have yet to hear an administrator say “we have done a poor job and here is what we are doing to fix it.”

It is time schools become responsible for the outcomes of their programs.

Steve Sullivan,