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Letters to the editor, November 9

Improve educational system

In recent political campaigns and our national elections, both major parties and their candidates for president have stated the need for improvements in our educational system. They include both public education and higher education.

Unfortunately, past actions do not support this emphasis on education. In Texas our last Legislature decreased funding for public education by $5.4 billion. It also decreased funding for universities and community colleges. Decreases in state funding shifts the costs to students.

Nationally, tuition in public universities has increased from less than $3,000 a year in 1980 to more than $8,000 a year in 2011.

The shifting of costs from public to individuals increases the debt load for graduates. It also deters youths of parents with lower incomes from attending college. In fact, it closes opportunities to many.

Government has always financed our infrastructure to assist in developing our resources.

The GI Bill after World War II created an environment that developed our strong middle class. Assisting our youth to maximize their opportunities is critical in maintaining and improving our standard of living, a public responsibility.

A business cannot be successful over the long run if it doesn’t invest in new technology and its infrastructure. A country’s standard of living cannot be stable or improved without investment in education and technology.

Our legislators who give verbal support should be strongly encouraged to show their support by their votes.

Bill Giese,