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Letters to the editor, November 11

Geo-political quiz

There is a country that has the following attributes:

1. It believes its citizens should contribute to the well-being of all. More money is extracted from those who have more than from those who have less — then redistributed where needed.

2. A proposal from a major group of citizens espouses that health care benefits should be paid by those having more paying more, while those having less paying less — all receive the same benefit.

3. A major industry is composed of 32 companies producing one product. At year-end, companies that made the most money are required to share the profits with the companies who made the least, or actually loss money.

What country has these attributes?  Russia, China, North Korea?  

No, actually it’s the United States.

No. 1 describes our income tax system. It is considered progressive so that theoretically, the more you make, the more you pay.

No. 2 describes almost verbatim a proposed alternative to the Affordable Care Act concept.

No. 3 describes the revenue sharing system practiced by the National Football League where a “luxury tax” is levied on high-revenue teams, with the receipts distributed to the lower-revenue clubs. Isn’t redistribution great?

Ronald L. Johnson,