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Letters to the editor, November 13

What would Eisenhower say?

In regards to the attack on our compound in Benghazi, we now are learning more from Fox News.

Our secretary of defense along with two generals decided it was too dangerous to send forces in to help our people as they might be ambushed. So the decision was to let our ambassador and staff fend for themselves. In other words — just let them die. And four died.

I wonder what Eisenhower would say? Oh, oh, wait, I hear Gen. Patton now — sorry, I can’t repeat what he said.

John Green,

Hickory Creek



Come to meeting

I believe it is an outrage that the health of the residents of Denton is being squandered so the town may make a buck. Right now there is in the works a city ordinance for natural gas and oil drilling, and safety measures are being ignored completely.

They are ignoring the outcry of the residents of Denton to keep us safe.

The process of drilling for natural gas, also known as fracking, is the cause of 50 percent of the entire air pollution for the North Texas area and our air is already rated as an “F” by the American Lung Association.

A town not too far away has been plagued by pollution. Dish is that town, a town where its own mayor left due to the amount of pollution.

So, I’m asking the residents of Denton to come out to the meeting this Wednesday at 5:30 at the City Hall building off of McKinney Street and join the group Denton Off Fossil Fuels while we tell City Hall exactly what we think about officials polluting our wonderful city.

Keep Denton beautiful.

Michael Wiley,