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Letters to the editor, November 15

Halloween spirit gone

In reference to K.Z. Bradford’s letter [DRC, Nov. 10]:

I used to have that Halloween spirit. I loved having the little children come by on Halloween in their costumes and hear them say “trick or treat.”

Then, carloads of people from other neighborhoods and cities starting coming by, including adults and no costumes, with paper garbage sacks for candy and an “attitude.”

That’s when I became one of those “tightwads and/or soreheads.”

Sorry, but, these folks ruined Halloween for me, and yes, my lights are turned off and will remain that way.

Noel Reese,




Light in the darkness

Sadly for most Americans, for non-leftist Democrats too, leftist propaganda worked.

In a decisive election, leftists convinced voters to choose continued national demolition, national suicide. They successfully demonized their opponents and divided Americans into warring factions.

Their victory proves that too many voters really do think of themselves as victims of other evil Americans.

And they really do think of themselves as helpless. They do expect government to satisfy their every want and need, at least until the money runs out. They do want government central planners and “experts” to make every decision for them.

The electorate declared that we really are sheep to be herded, that we are no longer free Americans.

These are bitter pills, but unlike leftists, we in the opposition don’t believe that an irrational Utopian end justifies any means.

We don’t believe that our agenda trumps everything else. We don’t believe in rioting or changing pre-existing rules to nullify a mostly fair contest if we don’t get our way.

The electorate has spoken: We lost; it’s up to us to accept defeat.

But America lost, too. So for patriotic Americans, accepting defeat does not mean rolling over and playing dead.

Leonardo Da Vinci said, “Obstacles cannot crush me. ... He who is fixed to a star does not change his mind.”

Our star is the Constitution, traditional American virtues, rule of law and other traditional American values. They will always be a light in the darkness worth fighting for.

May God bless America.

Lee Nahrgang,