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Letters to the editor, November 17

Old rules dying

Thanks, Mr. President, for all you have done for all people in the United States — health care and equality for all men and women.

I keep hearing from leaders on the right that the president must reach across the aisle — when will the right reach across the aisle? Senate leader Mitch McConnell said four years ago that we must make this president a one-term president (sore loser again).

It is time to get rid of racist lawmakers and right-wing radio personalities who have continually degraded women and  minority groups.

The way this party is led by the nose by these people, it will continue to be the minority in future elections. 

Republicans should look — the nation elected five women to the Senate; currently, it has 20 women.

The old white man rules are dying — not a slow death, but quickly.

Philip DeGiulio, Denton