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Letters to the editor, November 18

Wave of diversity

There is a change looming in Texas politics that the powers-that-have-been in Austin ignore at their peril.

The change is represented by and personified in the Castro twins, Julian and Joaquin, in San Antonio. Joaquin was elected on Nov. 6 to represent his district in the U. S. Congress in Washington; Julian is mayor of San Antonio and was in the spotlight at the Democratic Convention.

These young men are smart, articulate, personable and Hispanic; they are part of a growing wave in Texas that will inevitably sweep aside the prevailing old guard of white conservatives who have exerted a stranglehold on Texas government for far too long.

They are part of the national growth in diversity that swept Obama to re-election; Texas, as usual, is bringing up the rear in this movement, but we will get there.

The sooner the better; Texas school children and the health of all Texans cannot wait much longer for realistic funding.

T. Jervis Underwood, Oak Point