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Letters to the editor, November 21

No respect

Regarding the “Mixed reactions” headline on Nov. 7. That was no news headline. That was an editorial headline.

You showed no respect for President Obama and the many citizens who voted for him.

The headline should have said: “President Obama re-elected.”

Where is your sense of dignity?

Pat Cheek,




Time for secession

The columns published in the Denton Record Chronicle titled “President defies U.S. Constitution” [Thomas Sowell, Nov. 7] and “U.S. betrays values that made our nation great” [Walter E. Williams, Nov. 8] were profound. As the most recent election proved, the U.S. is a nation divided.

We, on one side, cannot change our morals, ethics, our DNA — nor do we want to do so. We like who we are.

The “other side” is the same — they like who they are, cannot change nor do they want to do so.

Our only hope is independence. We must separate and go our own ways — amicably if at all possible. That is called secession.

That is how this “nation” came into being — it seceded from Great Britain.

Countries do it all the time.

That is our only hope — or continue to be defeated in this “democracy” where the one with the most votes forces others into obeying their will and way and make them pay for it.

Do you really want to be like California, New York, Vermont? Who wants to live like that?

It is called slavery.

Peggy S. Hart Miller,