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Letters to the editor, November 25

‘Slavery’ for all?

Peggy Miller [DRC, Nov. 21] suggests secession as a way of resolving our red/blue political differences in the United States since it is not acceptable to her that the “de­feated” must obey the orders of the victors, as slaves apparently.

Does it occur to her that in every state of the U.S., there are some who voted Demo­cratic in the last election; some, Repub­lican. Shall we have “slavery” in all states then?

Perhaps she is suggesting that the blues in the now solidly red South move elsewhere with the opposite movement in the other direction of the reds from, say, Ver­mont or California?

We had a civil war about this. It is a very unfortunate part of our past. May I point out the (previously blue) solid South lost.

Elinor Johansen,