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Letters to the editor, November 27

Past time for fresh blood

Friday’s [Nov. 23] column in the Denton Record-Chronicle by Doyle McManus is almost a joke. 

His “Time for fresh blood” in our government should have been accomplished during the last election and have the fresh blood starting at the top of the political race.

It looks like this article has done no more than a simple reshuffle of the sad leaders we endured for the past four years. I assume Obama will retain his long list of czars who were totally worthless and dangerous to our freedom.

One possible new member of his sad staff is John Kerry, and that only makes the water more stale.

With his new tax program, that will be harmful to all citizens, and retention of Sen. Harry Reid, we can face a very hard and disastrous four years ahead of us and still be without a budget.

If he had any desire to create a good government, he would have selected a few special Republicans to step in and show his current crowd how to retain our freedom.

The first, and best move, should have been to dump the Obamacare program to avoid the massive tax increase for all citizens, including the middle class.

Good luck, America, for the next four years.

Ray Roberts,