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Letters to the editor, November 28

Choose battles wisely

There’s talk of “compromise” between Republicans and leftist Democrats.

But you can’t compromise with leftists.

Compromise means finding win-win resolutions both sides can be satisfied with.

For leftists, though, any compromise is only a new condition from which new demands are made.

Since leftists are on a crusade to create Utopia, they can’t be satisfied with half-way measures. In working toward their impossible dream, they take almost any action, including harming America.

After all, what’s a little deceit or national damage, even severe damage, if a perfect world results?

The end justifies the means.

No, you either surrender to leftists, or you fight to the death.

We must therefore choose battles wisely, making the best possible choices for America, ones either delaying national damage or making it less severe.

For example, leftists now demand tax increases for the “wealthy,” even small-business job creators, or taxes will increase for everyone, and there will be massive spending cuts, including defense.

President Obama once admitted that tax increases in a troubled economy could cause recession.

But tax increases for all, with major spending cuts, could cause depression.

With those choices, knowing that leftists will accept the pain of a depression if it promotes their agenda, it’s best for America that we surrender on those tax increases.

Let leftists have the recession they want, so maybe we can avoid the depression they are willing to give us.

In other battles, though, what’s best for America will demand fighting to the death.

Lee Nahrgang, Denton