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Letters to the editor, November 29

Obama Claus

Bubba called. Said dang, but he’s glad Verizon finally got my wireless router working and now we can not worry about running out of minutes on that iPhone.

Bubba said he had been cogitating on the election. Seems some voters don’t vote freedom, they don’t vote rule of law, they don’t vote a bad economy or high unemployment, etc.; they vote Obama Claus — what the government can do for them and give them.

The heck with everything and anybody else.

Obama couldn’t run on his record but ran counting on the cult following of the lamestream media, liberals and the freeloaders that would vote Democrat if it brought the end of the world. The promise of big spending on government programs pulled in their votes.

Bubba said he loves this country and will always vote for what is best for all concerned.

He works for what he expects to get out of life and is teaching his kids that anything worthwhile is never handed to you by the government.

Before the government can give it to you, it has to take it from someone else.

Maybe that don’t matter to a lot of folks, but it matters a great deal to the rest of us.

Bubba said he just loves the holidays. Bubba went on and on about the family gatherings, the church programs, all that delicious food, the talking and laughing, the great food, etc. (think Bubba got stuck on the food, don’t you?).

Alice Gore, Denton