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Letters to the editor, December 1

Expose leftist lies

There has been much talk about the GOP needing to change its policies to become com­petitive. In this 2012 election, Obama had a popular vote of 60,193,076 or 50.4 percent, compared to 57,468,587 or 48.1 percent for Romney. In 2008 Obama topped McCain with 69 million compared to 59 million (Huffington Post).

Obama lost nine million voters because he is a pitiful excuse for a president. But Romney received two million less than McCain. By sitting out, conservatives al­lowed the most extreme abortion emissary to remain in office. 

People wanted to see a clear distinction from Obama. After the first debate, Rom­ney took the lead but gave it all away by the third debate where he just smiled and acquiesced. 

Romney allowed Obama to set the narrative on many important issues and did not even mention others.


- 68 percent oppose tax-funded abortions, more oppose religious groups paying;

- the cover-up of the embassy killings;

- Obama’s executive privilege to stop the “Fast and Furious” investigation; and

- Obama’s time with convicted ACORN and his voting record as a senator.

With dems willing to thwart laws and say any fabrication, while Republicans voluntarily walk a tight wire; there is no surprise that conservatives are having a toilsome time getting elected.  

The leftist lies must be exposed for the country’s sake; as Thomas Sowell pronounced.

Political correctness equals leftist narrative.

If the Republicans give up U.S. constitutional principles and mimic the left’s ruinous designs, they will lose their core voters and country.

Eric Mach,