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Letters to the editor, December 2

Move out

Peggy Hart Miller [DRC, Nov. 21] says Texas must secede because she doesn’t like the United States anymore; she says “countries do it all the time. ...” Duh.

First, it has been tried before and 625,000 Americans died. It was called the Civil War. Surely Miller heard of it since it was in all the papers. Furthermore, the Supreme Court ruled that it was treason.

Miller says the U.S. was created when we seceded from Great Britain. Simple, except Britain fought us while distracted via trouble with France and the war still caused more than 75,000 dead.

Third, even if secession were possible, the U.S. government jobs and benefits that would be lost (Lockheed, Fort Worth’s Joint Reserve Base, Fort Hood, Fort Bliss, Corpus Christi Naval Station) would make the Bush-Cheney Great Recession seem mild.

Can you say 50 percent unemployment in Texas?

Fourth, when another hurricane or tornado strikes Texas, do you think the state Legislature would help the victims? Hardly.

It would follow Rick Perry’s lead and say, “Pull yourself up by your bootstraps.”

Miller also cites Thomas Sowell and Walter E. William as responsible writers.

Get a grip. This pair sits at the feet of Rush Limbaugh and Ann Coulter. Real Re­publicans (not the tea party minority) realize that hating everybody is not the way to win elections.

Our citizens see through phonies every time.

Here is an idea: Miller and her secessionist buddies should just move out of the United States since they find popular elections so terrible.

Michael S. Dana,