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Letters to the editor, December 3

Festering problem

I have increasing difficulty understanding letters to the editor in the Denton Record Chronicle — I assume the Alzheimer’s is getting to me.

According to Larry Jambor [DRC, Nov. 26], the U.S. has abandoned Israel; is, in fact, throwing it to the jackals.

Israel is, and has long been, our largest foreign-aid recipient.

This continues despite the fact that — against our pleading and that of most of the world — Israel continues to create settlements in the Palestinian portion of the occupied lands and treat the Palestinians in Israel itself as second-class citizens, while we tout that country as a model of democracy.

At the U.N., we support Israel, despite the country’s ignoring all U.N. resolutions and condemnations by the Human Rights Council, blocking all attempts to sanction Israel.

While Israel continues its long, long occupation of Palestinian territories, South African apartheid has been overturned and the festering problems of Northern Ireland have been cleared up; the Soviet Union dissolved peacefully.

Many, if not all, of the insolvable problems seem to have been solved, but the Israeli-Palestinian problem festers on.

And we help that festering with our support.

Just who are the jackals?

Elinor Johansen,