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Letters to the editor, December 6

Awash in soured cream

Hundreds of Israelis are being killed and injured by Iranian rockets fired from Gaza.

While watching a State Department meeting where a spokeswoman attempted to respond to the government’s lack of support for Israel, it became apparent the Peter Principle is alive in Washington.

Where did it begin? “Fast and Furious?” Benghazi? When the federal funds rate was posted at practically 0 percent?

Jeff Andonian shared the word“ineptocracy” with us in The Dallas Morning News (letter page, Nov. 21). In my day it was known as the Peter Principle.

Dr. Laurence J. Peter, a psychologist and professor of education, postulated in the late 1960s: “In a hierarchically structured administration, people tend to be promoted up to their level of incompetence,” or, in simpler terms, “The cream rises until it sours.”

Washington must be awash in soured cream.

God help this country, where the “leadership” we “select” fill positions that are at least one level above their capabilities.

Larry Jambor,




Our new direction?

For many years we have been blessed with a free country. You could speak out, work any job you desired, live where you wanted. You could trust the government to take care of your laws and keep freedom in mind.

This started to change four years ago. A large part of society elected to relax and put their hands out for government favors paid for with taxes that should have been used to improve our country.

They did not want to work or improve and accepted a new president four years ago, a man they did not know and still do not know.

He put us into a financial trap that could end our freedom, wasted almost $3 trillion and established loads of executive orders.

He worked to establish a society that wants to live off government handouts.

The next four years will be destructive thanks to the money wasted. He stressed that the ultra rich could pay more tax and keep us out of trouble, but the middle class is going to be hit for more, too.

Your freedom is being attacked. Our president has friends — one is the new leader of Egypt who declared himself a dictator and started a complete power grab.

Is this our next direction? Egypt is basically no different from Libya where we lost four good Americans.

Are we going to accept this type of control? Try to remember those who have died to keep us free ... don’t let them down.

Ray Roberts,




Tax stories change

Remember when the Bush tax cuts were passed?

Remember when the Democrats stood on Capitol Hill, with a Lexus and a muffler, saying that the tax cut was a Lexus for the rich and only a muffler for the rest of us?

In other words, a big cut for the rich and peanuts for the rest of us.

Now, if the rich don’t pay “a little more” and the tax cuts expire it will just be devastating for the rest of us.

The stories by the Democrats just keep changing. It was only a muffler then, but a big deal now. (Really?)

And the president is out campaigning or playing golf. Some of you voted, and some of you didn’t, and now you have a “government?”

John Green,

Hickory Creek