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Letters to the editor, December 9

Get it done

So, what’s this I see — Republicans sitting at the negotiating table with revenue while the Democrats stand back insisting that they have applied the last tag in their never-ending game of gotcha last. We reduced spending last time — it’s your turn to give us more revenue.

Doesn’t this action completely avoid discussion about the approaching fiscal cliff? Is it not in all our interests to move toward resolution? Has it not already been decided that we must fork over more dough and reduce spending?

Good grief, who cares if this egotist, Obama, wants to play semantic games about what we call the revenue tax rate increase or deduction elimination, potato-potato, it’s more money — I don’t care, just do it.

This actually reminds me of the old ad about Deion Sanders’ salary when he came to the Cowboys.

Cowboys owner Jones says, “You want 15 or 20 million?”

Sanders replies, “Both.”

Paul Davis,
Hickory Creek


Alzheimer’s help available

Thank you, Sen. Nelson, for raising awareness about Alzheimer’s disease. Your tribute on Dec. 2 to Darrell Royal and his wife for his courageous battle and her advocacy with the state Legislature outlined the impact of this devastating disease on individuals, family caregivers and our health care system.

Thank you for speaking out about your own journey with your mother.

It is helpful for residents of Denton County to know there are many services to assist families and their loved ones dealing with dementia. Services range from socialization activity programs and support groups to licensed memory care residences.

A myriad of at-home support services such as caregiver agencies, home health services, professional geriatric care managers, legal and financial services, educational programs and health care are available. 

An excellent way to find out about services is to attend a support group such as the Alzheimer’s Association’s caregiver’s support group at First Baptist Church on the last Thursday of the month from 10 to 11:30 a.m., Stepping Stones (an activity program and a support group for families) at Texas Woman’s University School of Occupational Therapy on Wednesday afternoons (contact: Geri Sams at 940-566-0902 for both groups) and Accolade Home Health Care group for the family and individual on the third Monday of the month from 6 to 7 p.m. at Willow Bend on Brinker (call Jane Hale at 940-231-2989).

Geri Sams,


Last hope

Our federal government is in trouble. Recent reports from the Congressional Budget Office say that for every dollar spent by the government, 40 cents is borrowed. No family can survive financially doing this, and our government cannot either.

The solution is to increase revenue or decrease expenses. People who are em­ployed by the government will never support reducing it. Human nature is to preserve your way of making a living.

The current leadership in power has never met a tax that they don’t love. So, higher taxes are on the way.

For a preview of what we can expect, check on Greece, Spain, Portugal and Italy and try to find unbiased reports on what is happening in those places. Those countries have spent beyond their citizens’ ability to pay for it.

So much for the USA being a special place. We are soon to be in as bad a mess as any of the others.

Article V of our Constitution provides that if two-thirds of the states agree, the people may propose amendments to the Constitution outside of the action of the Congress.

That may be our only hope.

Randall Davis,