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Letters to the editor, December 10

Get nose out

I see on the news that Fort Worth is looking at a serious shortage of electric energy in the next few years. I am also looking at the probability of electric energy rates skyrocketing in the next year.

Perhaps, since the Texas utility companies are not interested in building more coal-fired, natural gas-fired and nuclear electric power plants in this area, that it would be wise for Fort Worth to begin construction of its own municipal natural gas electric power plant, or even a couple of them.

This fuel is relatively cheap, it emits almost no greenhouse pollutants and this sort of municipal development would create a lot of jobs for the local labor force.

That being said, there is an open market throughout the metroplex for exporting electricity for power and lights on the present grid structure to market.

The Environmental Protection Agency needs to get its nose out of the Texas electric power industry and let Texas and its cities take care of our own needs.

Pete Looney,




Beautify medians

The city of Denton needs to think twice before being strong-armed by the Texas Department of Transportation on the widening of U.S. Highway 380/University Drive. TxDOT’s sole purpose is to move traffic and move it fast. It is not concerned about the commercial and aesthetic quality of a street or a city.

I have been involved in this first-hand with Camp Bowie Boulevard and Berry Street in Fort Worth. At first, the money and the speed sound great to a somewhat slow-moving corridor, but eventually the commercial zone begins to slow and deteriorate.

People will not slow down to shop and eat at all the eclectic areas on University Drive. It will become a blight on Denton, and within 15 to 25 years, the city will put back the medians, beautify them and try to attract commercial business back to University.

Instead of tearing out the medians, beautify them. Make University a destination.

Timothy Battle,