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Letters to the editor, December 11

Inviting atmosphere

Walking through the Golden Triangle Mall the other day, I noticed how really great everything looked. Christmas decor looked great, as did each store I passed.

Amazing was Santa’s area, with all its seasonal decor.

Things just seemed to sparkle and shine. What a great treat for holiday shoppers. It really put you in the Christmas spirit.

Nice job, Golden Triangle Mall. Your efforts in improving the atmosphere of the mall really bring it up to date, and it is wonderfully inviting.

Carol Foley,

Robson Ranch



Low-income voters

All indications are that it was the great majority of low-income voters who voted for Obama and returned him to office for another four years.

If any can read, they should review some of the comments about how President Obama lives.

He must have a 20-day vacation for Christmas, going to live like a citizen who voted him back into office. Twenty days for Christmas, in Hawaii, is going to cost the taxpayers well over $4 million.

For his personal transportation, Air Force One will use up 18 hours of flight time at a cost of $3,271,622.

He will have to ship, by air, 22 vehicles, security and staff members, and rent houses for them to stay in.

Just think how many more food stamps and free cellphones could be furnished with this amount of money or how these funds could be used to repair the damage of Hurricane Sandy in the USA.

This is sad for the local residents with restrictions on how they cannot drive near their homes, use their boats, visit the beach, and no air travel around their area.

Don’t worry citizens, your increase in taxes will take care of their fun trips.

Ray Roberts,