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Letters to the editor, December 13

Middle class tax cuts

This past election, the Democratic caucus in the Senate now has 55 members (up from 53). Republicans have eight fewer seats in the House.

President Obama won a clear mandate, re-elected by a popular vote margin of more than four million, which is a million more than George W. Bush’s re-election. President Obama’s Electoral College majority was larger than Bush’s over Kerry.

The Republican experiment of trickle-down economics is a failure, and was repudiated by most Americans. Current polls show more than 60 percent of Americans want taxes raised on the rich, not on the middle class.

If Republicans were genuinely concerned about the deficit, they would allow tax cuts to the top 2 percent to expire, as they were intended.

This will raise trillions in revenue and help heal the budget deficit.

The Senate has already passed legislation to extend the Bush tax cuts on the first $250,000 of income for all Americans.

However, Speaker John Boehner is holding the middle class tax cuts hostage unless the Democrats agree to extend the Bush tax cuts for the wealthy.

The American people deserve an up or down vote by the House of Representatives on the tax cuts for the middle class.

Resa Harrison,