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Letters to the editor, December 17

End justifies the means

In his victory speech, President Obama urged Americans to come together, saying, “We rise or fall together as one nation and one people.” But leftists divided to conquer.

They won by saying they “hate” Republicans, by demonizing us, actually calling us “demons,” by convincing too many voters that Republicans are “our enemies” (President Obama). 

•  Leftists tell racial minorities that white Republicans are “racists.”

•  Debt-ceiling nonsense once againhad leftists tell the poor that Republicans who have more than they, stole what they have from them.

•  Leftists tell women that Republicans who say government shouldn’t provide free birth control are “waging a war on women.”

•  Leftists denounce Republicans who say that with millions of baby boomers going on Social Security and Medicare every year, these massively underfunded programs must be made financially sound. 

•  Leftists tell senior citizens we really want to “push granny off the cliff.”

•  Leftists tell the underprivileged that Republicans who say we must stop spending like drunken sailors, really want “children to go to bed hungry at night.”

•  Leftists say that Republicans wanting America to be strong enough militarily that no one will dare attack us are fanatic warmongers and “chicken hawks.”

•  Leftists declare that Republicans who say that national security demands rapid development of domestic energy, really want to destroy the Earth.

So, according to leftists, we’re the enemy — greedy racist monsters. 

Is this bringing us together?

But, I forget, the end — power to impose the leftist agenda — justifies the means.

Lee Nahrgang,