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Letters to the editor, December 20

One of the best

Thank you for the article in the Dec. 8 edition about Sheriff Benny Parkey. I am sorry to lose a person of his character and skills.

I am certain that he must be one of the best sheriffs the county has ever had.

Al Murdock,




Shocking call

The IRS will call for many reasons and this one was a shock. The agency was concerned about my deductions listed on my return. I immediately started wondering who I had missed, so I made a list to try to see where I had lost some claims that I call my dependents.

My list contained 12 million illegal immigrants, three million crack heads, 42 million unemployed on food stamps, two million people in 243 prisons, half of Mexico and 514 people in the U.S. House and Senate.

This upset me — who have I missed on my return? I will try to do better next year.

Ray Roberts,




Farewell, Sheriff Parkey

I would like to extend my congratulations to Sheriff Parkey for a successful career as the sheriff of Denton County.

In his terms as sheriff, he has accomplished many great achievements and made the sheriff’s office an outstanding law enforcement agency.

Sheriff Parkey has given credit to his team where it is due, but it also takes a strong leader to handle the reins of running the sheriff’s office. For that I congratulate you for serving the residents of your county and the employees of your department.

I bid you farewell and hope that you will be as successful in the next phase of your career as you have been at the Denton County Sheriff’s Office. Thank you for being “a man of your word.”

Tyler Nicholson,