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Letters to the editor, December 23

Safety issue

I think the Myers Middle School student planning committee is a good learning tool and I’m sure it is exciting and informative for the students who will be attending the new school.

Myers Middle School is no longer an architectural drawing on a projection screen, but is a physical structure on the ground and its impact on our sleepy, two-lane town is becoming a visible reality.

The school district has put a bus entrance into the school off West Shady Shores Road, the main two-lane access road into Shady Shores and Myers Middle School.

This entrance is 585 feet west of one of only two major intersections in the town.

I think parents of the children attending feeder elementary schools — Stephens, Pecan Creek, Evers, Hodge, Wilson and Rivera — who will be attending Myers Middle School should drive out, look at the physical location themselves, and see what they think about the safety impact of having no left-turn lane for the bus entrance.

I believe reasonable parents who are concerned about their children’s safety, public safety and traffic congestion will recognize that having no turn lane for eastbound buses is an unsafe, short-sighted, budget-driven decision.

Education Code 11.168 allows expenditures on roads, etc., off district property that would benefit the district and district property. I believe the statute was instituted to encourage school districts to do things to increase safety and decrease congestion.

In other words, to do the right thing. This is ultimately a safety issue.

Tom Spencer,
Shady Shores