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Letters to the editor, December 24

What liberals want

Have you forgotten that it was the low-informed liberals like John Nance Garner [DRC, Dec. 12] and how they wailed against the “Bush tax cuts” because they only gave cuts to the wealthy? But now it is those evil Republicans who are blocking these same tax cuts from being extended and causing our taxes to go up. If they did allow the tax on the “rich” to go up, it will only generate enough revenue to run the Obama spending spree for eight days.

Now, I understand that you low-informed liberals are a bit slow, so let that sink in a minute. However, those funds left in the hands of small businesses, which are mainly affected, would give them the funds to purchase new equipment or even hire more people.

The tax cuts do not benefit corporations, which are actually owned by you, through your 401k or retirement program. Garner, I understand that these things are hard for you to understand but corporations are owned by real people. Usually through their retirement funds.

Now we all understand that liberals hate businesses, unless you are a “green” company that Obama gives billions to and especially after they give money to him.

Unfortunately, they all go bankrupt shortly after they get our money. So let me clear something up for you. Big Oil does not get any special tax breaks that all businesses cannot take advantage of for similar circumstances.

What liberals are actually wanting to do is deny these companies that right. Which is what liberals always want to do.

Hyme Solomon,




Enact tougher gun laws

You have children, and so you understand how devastating it is to drop them off at school — supposedly a safe place — and discover that they were shot to death among 20 other 6- and 7-year-olds.

Shocked and fearful that another incident will occur like the Newtown, Conn., shooting where 28 people were gunned down — one of the worst rampages in U.S. history.

This is a sad day when guns are allowed in the hands of young men and the mentally ill. We need to fix the gun check act. We need to limit the type of guns and quantity of ammunition sold, and make everybody register their guns. All gun buyers should go through a waiting period before buying guns and undergo a background check.

Gun ownership should be a national security and health care issue. Every health care form provided by any insurer should ask the question, “Do you own a gun?”

If the answer is yes, that person should be exposed to higher insurance premiums only because of the risk they pose to themselves and to others.

I pray that this country does not just start a conversation about gun control, but encourages their local and federal governments to enact tougher gun laws to protect our children, families, law enforcement and the community. These massive shootings throughout this country should not be tolerated. The tears shed for lost lives should be cause for us to take action.

Mary C. Taylor,




Great sheriff

I shall always remember one of the greatest sheriffs. What is most truly valuable is often underrated. Benny [Parkey] was very fair to Southeast Denton by helping as he could.

Every man, according to an ancient legend, is born into the world with two bags suspended from his neck — a bag in front full of his neighbors’ faults and a large bag behind filled with his own faults.

Charlye Heggins,




Thanks, firefighters

Denton Fire Department, you are the best. It was 1956 all over again, last night, when the red fire truck pulled up and four of Denton’s finest did what firemen have done for years.

Yup, cat in a tree, 25 feet up. She’d been there 30 hours. She was scared, hungry and thirsty but we watched as a fireman’s gentle hands brought her down out of the big pine tree.

I wiped a tear from my eye as the smile on my face grew wider and wider. Other neighbors applauded as they looked on.

Yes, Virginia, there is a Santa Claus. Thanks, fellas, and merry Christmas to all.

J. Aaron Cundall,