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Letters to the editor, December 25

Family doings

Bubba called. Said in reading the Edward Jones Financial Focus, an item in the “Quotes & Quips” caught his eye: The only source of knowledge is experience (Albert Einstein). That could rightly explain the stupidity coming out of Washington by way of the White House.

Bubba said the cattle raisers convention in Florida was worth the trip. Mama kept the kids and did the cooking. Bubba and the Little Woman played tourist when the workshops were over. Sarasota is pretty, but man, is it ever flat.

They stopped in to visit Cousin Sylvia and see her new place. Nice area, but that place is flat, as well. To see the “lay of the land,” Bubba had to get on that Sunshine Skyway Bridge.

Fish and chicken dominate the local menus. Bubba said you get past shrimp and you lose him. Guess that’s the Plains Indian in him not liking fish.

Thanksgiving was a blast in Lubbock. Cousin Vivian baked Bubba that Oklahoma fresh apple cake and served it with a half-gallon of Blue Bell homemade vanilla ice cream.

To die for.

The Kid and Old DeWitt went along for the celebration. Old DeWitt always peels off and visits his sister in Mule Shoe. That old lady runs the family ranch most single-handed. She is older than DeWitt and he’s older than dirt.

Bubba said DeWitt has Wrangler jeans older than most people in the world; to say nothing about the age of DeWitt’s old 10-gallon hat.

Merry Christmas, folks.

Alice Gore,