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Letters to the editor, December 26

Meaning clear

An oft contributor to letters recently commented in a negative tone regarding the “narrow” interpretation of the Constitution favored by conservatives.

My question is, what does “shall not be infringed” mean? I see it to mean what it says and to say what it means, so where is the need for interpretation?

Additionally, he also inferred that government is a good thing, for the benefit of man.

What government existing today does not demand obeyance from the muzzle of a gun and/or commit acts that would be considered criminal if committed by an individual?

If you do not believe that, cancel your health insurance and soon see who gets into your checking account. Or just move to the Sudan or any place in Africa or the Mideast, perhaps Egypt or Syria. What beneficent governments exist there? 

Ray Roberts [DRC, Dec. 20], you overlooked the White House as a dependent, considering the millions of dollars expended for the personal pleasure of the inhabitants.

William Collins,