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Letters to the editor, December 28

Sane gun control

If ever there was time to have an open and honest conversation about sane gun control measures, surely it is now, following the eighth and worst mass shooting this year, at the Sandy Hook Elementary School in Newtown, Conn.

The belief that the Second Amendment was meant for anything other than forming a “well-armed militia” to feel secure in our communities or personal ownership of a simple firearm to feel secure in our homes is a false belief fostered by people who see potential earnings in the fear-gripped minds of otherwise normal, decent human beings.

That their passions for profits would lead to a siege mentality in this country and put deadly weapons in the hands of people who cannot function rationally in everyday society is something that needs to be exposed.

The public debate on this issue should not be focused on taking guns away from the majority who own them, but to ensure that those who do are the least likely people to walk into a crowded mall, theater, school or public square and fire off multiple rounds in seconds, ripping flesh and bone from people who simply had the misfortune of being in what most would consider a safe environment.

This is the conversation we need to start having now so those who complain that the blood isn’t yet dried from this recent tragedy won’t be making similar absurd remarks the next time it occurs.

Larry Beck, Denton