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Letters to the editor, January 3

Some remember

The president has announced he is nominating John Kerry as secretary of state.

Of the veterans I know, probably only one would vote to have him nominated, let alone confirmed, any more than they would vote for Jane Fonda.

Reading the “Swift Vets and POWs for Truth” report is revealing with regard to his service. Kerry claimed in 1971 that he threw away as many as nine of his 11 medals to protest the Vietnam War. He denied that later — when he wanted to be president.And the medals — or copies of them — now reportedly adorn his office.

Either he threw them away, then denied it — a lie? Or he said he threw them away and didn’t — a lie?

Time dims memories, and history puts disrespect, unpatriotism and even treachery into the dust bin — but some remember. While Americans were fighting and dying in Vietnam, Jane Fonda (a.k.a. Hanoi Jane) used her money and influence at colleges and universities to gather support to advocate communism and encourage rebellion and anarchy against the United States.

She validated her perfidious, socialist, progressive philosophy when she sat for photos with North Vietnamese Army troops on the seat of a North Korean anti-aircraft gun; when she reported that the American prisoners of war were being well treated and not tortured; and when she made that treasonous broadcast from a hotel in Hanoi on Aug. 22, 1972. A lovely woman?

Perhaps Kerry should be confirmed. It appears he would fit in with the rest of the prevaricators.

Larry Jambor,