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Letters to the editor, January 4

Comprehension problems

It looks like some people are having trouble with reading comprehension. The words, “shall not be infringed,” mean not messed with ever, to infinity and beyond.

I guess they also don’t understand Article I, Section 8 of the Constitution that says the Congress will only provide direct funds for the Navy and the militia. No Army, no Air Force .... zilch. The Constitution only provides for a standing army during a war declared by Congress, and then only for two years after the war is over.

There are no provisions for the president to send troops to Africa to defend the Soros oil field investments against “terrorist” freedom fighters as our president did over the holidays so it would receive minimal press coverage.

Do you really trust any of our politicians to have your safety and well-being at heart?

You geriatric hippies out there should remember the words “Kent State.” How did you feel about that?

Who had the only firearms that day?

John Harazda,