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Letters to the editor, January 5

Special service

This Christmas Eve was a great one for those of us who attended the 6 p.m. service at Southmont Baptist Church here in Denton.

It began as we approached the church on Teasley Lane and saw 860 lighted candles in paper bags all along the road and other paths that led up to the entrance to the church. Each bag had inside a real candle that was burning. Upon entering the building, each person was given a new candle in a carrying cup to take into the service where it was lit by another person toward the end of the great service.

Approximately 400 people attended this evening service celebrating Christmas and had a great time listening to Pastor Bruce Troy conduct a special service celebrating Christmas as well as listening to special music. In the rather dark auditorium, the candles provided a beautiful scene and the feelings felt all over the room were of the special meaning of Christmas.

This is the way we should participate in Christmas Eve.

Bob Treadaway,


Precious memories

In the stillness of the night memories unfold as the restless wind blows through an old vacant tree house.

The neighborhood kids are all grown and moved away.

Dr. Armstrong is no longer pastor of the First Baptist Church. Mr. Killingsworth and Mrs. Bell are no longer at the Newton Rayzor Elementary School. Bill Kenas is no longer talking baseball at his neighborhood convenience store.

If you listen carefully when all is still and quiet, you can still hear the echo of the kids laughing and playing in the once-vibrant and cheerful neighborhood.

Precious memories, how they linger, how they unfold of the sacred past.

“Hon, I just woke up, heard the wind blowing and the kids playing. It was wonderful.”

Go back to sleep — it was just a dream.

Tillman E. Uland,