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Letters to the editor, January 6

Founders’ intent

In our country today, we have a president and a significant number of people who were elected to serve in the House or Senate who never met a tax that they don’t love, and they are not interested whatsoever in reducing the size/cost of government.

Those folks were elected to represent the people in the various necessary actions in accordance with Section 8 of our Constitu­tion.

That section begins, “The Congress shall have the power to” ... and all of the duties and obligations of the elected representatives are listed out. 

Clear and limited obligations for the federal government are detailed, along with a simple plan that details the rights and obligations of the various states, and their relationship to the collective union. Pretty clear what the founders intended.

Fast forward about 230 years.

We currently have elected reps from both parties who have ransacked the people’s money in their lust for power and position.

They continue to allow our country to go deeper and deeper in debt and do abso­lutely nothing meaningful to reduce it. If you owe more than you can pay, how is more borrowing going to solve it?

Our federal government is involved in numerous activities that it is impossible to find any reference whatsoever to, in Section 8 of the Constitution.

Why have we allowed this to happen? 

The Congressional Budget Office says that the average worker in the U.S. today pays well over 40 percent of his or her earnings toward some tax — federal, state, county, city, school, sales, fuel, etc.

How much is enough?

Randall Davis,